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Junk Talks

Calibna J. Kerr or the Junk Talk Poet, as he is most often referred to is one of the most socially observant, poets and authors writing today.

Most well known for his most recent work in poetry - 'Take This Pill' and 'A Cockroach's Tea Party' (Published by Burdizzo Bards.' The poet approaches controversial social questions with a refreshing and stimulating outlook on the world, blending light and darkness with unpredictable bouncy alliterative rhythms.

Inspired by the working class city of Birmingham and neighbouring towns, the writer explores the boundaries of form and meter, "in a way that mimics the unpredictability of modern life making somewhat unexpected comparisons that create an infinite range of extraordinary images.

Along with the three poetry collections currently to his name, he has contributed to numerous poetry anthologies by: Nothing Books, Burdizzo Books and others, as well as various charity publications.

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A poetry chapbook from The Junk Talk Poet that levitates above modern society with a keen and observational eye. The poems extract the dark and the light from the images in which it creates giving in exchange verse of a unique and experimental nature. Based around the belief that all who enter this earth, adopting human form, do so upon paper boats facing the tumultuous waves of reality as we each find ourselves Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy



A collection of poems from the Junk Talk Poet, that hold a mirror up to the establishment and society. The poems consist of social observations and critiques on modern society in the form of verse of a unique and experimental nature.

A dissection of the world as we know it.

Real Poetry for Real People.

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This second volume of socially analytical poems digs down beneath the very skin, unsettling the structure that has already been laid out, the sick order of it all.

A Cockroach's Tea Party identifies with the post-apocalyptic vision of a world disguised as a Utopia. The rhythmic shuffling of off-beat, alliterative verse brings a musical but narrative sense to the unorganised chaos that exists under the very nose.

Combining the industrial world with natural projections and visions escapes the conformist. You are cordially invited to the Cockroach's Tea Party.